Oakley high
definition optics


The High Definition Optics (HDO) lenses of Oakley ensure optimal safety and sharpness for the modern professional athlete. Oakley HDO lenses meet the demands of the American National Standards Institute by providing the most accurate focus and vision in the eyewear industry today. The HDO lenses have been tested for image sharpness using the Clarity Test. They are proven to give superior non-distorting vision via the Refractive Power Test. They demonstrate how the light bends through the lenses properly in true position using the Prism Test. In short, Oakley’s High Definition Optics lenses not only pass, but surpass these strict standards for the modern-day professional athletic eyewear.

Oakley HD polarized

Unmistakable Clarity While Protecting Eyes From Glare

Glare has no place in professional sports, be it golfing, fishing, driving, or skiing. Glare can produce headaches and migraines, and its main cause in outdoor sports is faulty lenses in the sun. This is why Oakley came up with HD Polarized lenses to ensure that no golfer has to go through the inconvenience of glare on flat surfaces. With these revolutionary lenses, no fishing session will be ruined by glare bouncing off the water. Professional drivers won’t be able to miss obstacles on the road, and skiing fanatics and snowboarders can simply focus on winning at their sport. How does it work? By not overdoing it. Other brands also claim to filter out glare, but they do so by layering lens after lens after lens. With glue, or some kind of adhesive. Imagine what that kind of process does to the lenses’ (and wearer’s) clarity of vision. Now, imagine a cutting-edge technique where only one lens is needed for optimized glare-free eyewear. The result of this technology are the HD Polarized lenses, which boast of a molding process that is precisely infused to produce a single lens of superior clarity, no distortion, and no need for gluing onto another lens. What’s more, all Oakley HD Polarized lenses are made at the same time to ensure perfect alignment and centralized axis. Oakley believes lenses should be manufactured in pairs and win as a pair - just like in real life. As for the other, so-called “glare-filtering” lenses? We’re not so sure. Try a pair of those other brands and see if both lenses align perfectly - and just hope you won’t get a headache while doing so.

Oakley protection
from impact


They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. No matter how pretty a pair of athletic eyewear looks, if it hasn’t been sufficiently tested for high mass and high velocity impact, then it’s useless. And potentially harmful. All Oakley lenses go through the most rigorous high mass and high impact testing to give wearers unparalleled protection. From celebrated athletes to trendy influencers, Oakley takes pride in the fact that each pair of eyewear provides unmatched performance, thanks to the innovative lens material called Plutonite. Oakley believes safety shouldn’t be an option. It’s a must.

Oakley lens tints
conquer eye strain

The OO® Red Iridium® Polarized Lens Lets You See More

Oakley understands that the naked eye is no match for the glare of the sun, and that sunglasses have become essential to anyone who loves being outdoors. When you’re on the road, cycling, running, or even doing a brisk walk, the sunshine you love so much can bounce off flat surfaces and give you a headache and eye strain. Tinted lenses are designed to address this issue, but Oakley takes it a notch higher with the OO® Red Iridium® Polarized lens. Its craftsmanship involves a revolutionary process that eliminates up to 99% of glare on surfaces you move on. That means enhanced depth perception, and full awareness of possible obstacles in front of you. Oakley Performance Lens Tints aim to enhance vision, not block it. In a nutshell - less glare, better performance. It’s that simple.

Oakley UV protection

Preventing Ultraviolet Eye Damage Right From The Start

The thing with UV rays is that they’re invisible. And being invisible doesn’t make them harmless. One of the most common forms of eye damage, cataracts, is caused by UV rays hitting the retina hundreds of miles per second. Over time, this process will cause irreversible damage, though it’s probably not going to make itself felt right away. We’ve already mentioned that durable, cutting-edge lens material from Oakley called the Plutonite. As far as UV protection goes, it’s your best defense. It filters out harmful ultraviolet rays and protects your eyes from damage.

Oakley true digital™ prescription lenses

True Digital for Optimal Performance

Oakley True Digital™ Prescription Lenses are created for a truly personal experience for your eyes. World class athletes demand world class eyewear performance, and Oakley provides with the kind of quality that not only meets professional standards, but actually optimizes performance. Oakley Authentic Prescription lenses come as a wide variety of colorful outdoor eyewear.

Oakley True Digital Sport Specific

Under the OTD line comes progressive prescription sun lenses that are tailor-made for sports. Whether it’s fishing, cycling, or golfing, you can rest assured that the OTD Sport Specific progressive lenses are going to the kind of focus and vision you need to be at the top of your game.

Oakley True Digital II

When you talk about prescription lenses, people automatically assume a limited range of vision - and consequently, watered-down sports performance. With Oakley True Digital II high wrap sunglasses, your prescription is never out of range. Where others have limited range, OTD II offers up to +4.00 to -6.00 prescription range.

Sport specific

When someone says “sport specific”, you know it means business.

Now, eyewear that means business when you’re an athlete (or have a passionate outdoor hobby) is something to take seriously. That is why Oakley came up with the Oakley True Digital sports specific lenses so you can focus on your preferred activity - be it fishing, golfing, or cycling. What do the OTD Sport Specific glasses do for your game, exactly?


With these progressive lenses, you get the best possible vision to optimize your performance when fishing, all thanks to Oakley’s precise custom engineering. The OTD Sport Specific lenses offer models specified for deep water fishing, shallow water fishing, hunting, target, and as standard issue sunglasses. With the Oakley True Digital lenses, you won’t have to worry about glare bouncing off water or other surfaces - not when the sun can be your friend.


Golfing requires the precise kind of focus that allows you to take your time before making your move. Oakley knows and understands that making your move is hard when the glare is in your eyes and bouncing off flat and shiny surfaces. But thanks to the OTD sport specific lenses, you can now concentrate on your performance on the green. Take your pick from the Golf Performance sunglasses collection so you’ll look good while improving your game.


Many road and cycling sunglasses just promise to provide you with enough eye protection so you can get from point A to point B. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Oakley True Digital Sports Specific lenses for cycling. Because they’re custom engineered, you also get near, mid, and far zones of focus so you can calculate your speed and the turns you need to take while pedaling. Oakley offers a wide range of models, including a road and cycling sunglasses collection, a special Tour de France collection, and even replacement lenses for maximum efficiency on the road.

Ultra-precise color tuning for any environment

By fine-tuning individual wavelengths of color, PRIZM™ sharpens visual acuity to reveal nuances that would be missed by the naked eye.

Explore Prizm™ sport


By fine-tuning individual wavelengths of color, PRIZM™ sharpens visual acuity to reveal nuances that would be missed by the naked eye.

Prizm™ golf

PRIZM™ Golf lens improves contrast for better separation of color and gives you more depth cues to gauge distance and grass conditions to predict ball speed.

Prizm™ field

PRIZM™ Field lens enhances contrast and make the ball stands out against the blue of the sky, the green of the grass and the brown of the dirt.

Prizm™ road

PRIZM™ Road lens enhances your vision in both bright light and shadows, helping riders spot changes in the texture of the road surfaces. React faster and perform at your best.

Prizm™ trail

PRIZM™ Trail lens enhances reds and browns so you can quickly spot sand, rocks, roots and subtle transitions in dirt conditions.

Prizm™ for everyday


Oakley Prizm™ lenses fine tune individual colors, making everything vivid and vibrant, enhancing detail for an optimized experience. Some of our top selling lens colors are now available with Prizm technology. Each of these Prizm lens colors are also available with HDPolarized®

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