To frame every pair of eyes in America with a
high quality, beautiful pair of glasses,
ensuring you not only see better...
but also look better.


Sunberry RX is committed to bringing unmatched customer service, quality and perfectionism to the online customer. Our opticians combine years of optical experience and know-how with the skills and training to serve you better.

We personalize the impersonal experience of online shopping by offering hands-on, supportive service. Our goal is to ensure each client receives eyewear they love and will enjoy for years to come.


Our company was established in 2009, in a small little storefront in NJ. Since that very first day, we have always put our customers and quality first, cutting each and every pair of prescription lenses with the utmost care and precision.

It’s been almost a decade since our company first opened its doors. We have long since moved from our small little storefront into a full scale, bustling retail location with a warehouse, laboratory, and international online presence.

We offer a complete range of designer frames, sunglasses and other prescription eyewear that customers all over the world love. And while our appearances may have grown and changed over the years, our hearts are still in the same place. Because our team of opticians are still focused providing high caliber eyeglasses and prescription lenses to all of our customers.

Sunberry RX

Accessorize with stylish prescription sunglasses that help you
not just SEE better, but LOOK better too!
100% satisfaction guaranteed.