A Step-By-Step Guide

Purchasing sunglasses online is very different from buying them in a retail store. There are many advantages:

We are able to offer many more styles and brands on our online catalog than you could ever find in a storefront.
It’s so simple to find what you need - just filter your choices by color, shape, brand, price, etc.
You can do all your shopping from the comfort of your own home.

However, we do understand it’s still hard to imagine how a frame will look on when you’re viewing it from a computer screen.
That’s why, at Sunberry RX we offer:

  • Friendly, expert customer service, qualified to answer all of your questions and concerns. 
  • A generous return policy - 45 days to decide if you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.
  • Our Try Before You Buy program, where we ship you the frames you like to try on, RISK FREE.
  • This Buying Guide, which will help you choose which frame is right for you.

Read on for tips and tricks to help you choose the sunglasses that are right for you.

Choosing the Right Frames

Good news - choosing sunglasses is not at all like shopping for ordinary prescription glasses. Sunglasses are a versatile fashion accessory. Because the fit of sunglasses isn’t quite as precise, many faces are suited to a large variety of styles, leaving plenty of room for personal expression and fun.

Different styles complement different face shapes.
What’s your face shape?

Choosing the Right Lens

Sunglasses keep your eyes protected and healthy. Sun glare isn’t just an uncomfortable nuisance - the sun rays strain your eyes, contain harmful UV rays, and can cause you permanent eye damage. That’s why every pair of sunglasses we carry  offers 100% UV Light Protection.


Bifocal - these lenses serve two corrective functions. The top part of the lens corrects your distance vision, while the bottom part helps you read.
You can choose to add bifocals lens to most frames at checkout.
Photochromic - These light sensitive lenses adjust to changing light conditions. On bright days, the lenses get darker. On darker days, these lenses get lighter.
Polarization - Polarizing your lenses will help protect your eyes from the damaging effects of glare caused by the sun’s reflection.
Polarized lenses are especially useful while driving, skiing, or participating in watersports.
Progressive - These lenses are also sometimes called “No Line Bifocals.” Just like lined bifocals, they help correct both near and distance vision. But unlike bifocals, there is no line separating the top and bottom functions. Instead, the transition between the far-sighted top part of the lens and the bottom is gradual, with an extra middle ground that provides you mid-range vision correction.


Depending on where you’ll be using your sunglasses the most, you’ll find various levels of tint useful.

Bright and Sunny - A deep brown or black tint minimizes glare.
Variable Weather - general purpose coatings and mid-range colors like copper and brown are great if you live in a climate where weather conditions tend to vary, or you would like to purchase a pair of sunglasses that will be multipurpose
Low-Level Lighting - lighter colors such as amber and yellow help enhance visibility and depth perception.

Getting the Right Fit

  • Blink several times. Your eyelashes should not brush up against the frames in any way.
  • Make sure the frames rest comfortably on your nose and ears. They should feel light enough to ignore throughout the day.
  • The nosepieces should hold the frames in place securely. You shouldn’t feel any pinching or rubbing, but the frames should still be tight enough not to slip down your nose when you’re looking down.
  • If the fit feels slightly off, you can gently adjust the nosepieces by carefully and slowly pinching them closer together or farther apart.

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