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How do I use my FSA or HSA Dollars on SunberryRx?
If you have a FSA or HSA card, simply enter your card’s information at checkout, just like you would any credit card.
If you don’t have a card, check out using your personal credit card. Then, show your receipt to your FSA or HSA provider to get reimbursed.

I have an FSA - what does that mean ?
A Flexible Spending Account is usually offered by your employer. It allows you to pay for eligible health care costs with pre-tax dollars so you get more bang for your buck. Your FSA dollars expire each year, on December 31st - so be sure to use them before their gone!

I have an HSA - what does that mean?
HSA is a health savings account. It is similar to a FSA , with this important added benefit: funds do not expire, so what’s unused can be rolled over to the next year.

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