Glossary of Terms

Below are some terms you might come across while shopping for glasses or lenses.


Add flexibility and versatility to your daily style. With interchangeable frames + lenses, you can choose a different color or model frame any time you like, depending on your mood or outfit. Just pop your lenses out of one frame and click them into another.
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It’s important to note: Different brands of interchangeable lines may have their own proprietary interchangeable technology, and so may not be compatible with each other.

Lined Bifocal

Bifocals are a specialty lens that serve two corrective functions. The top part of the lens corrects your distance vision, while the bottom part helps you read.
You can choose to add bifocals lens to most frames at checkout.

Mirror Finish

Adding a mirror coating to your sunglasses creates stylish visual interest. It also reduces glare, protecting sensitive eyes from the harsh effects of the sun.
You can add this coating to the lenses of any sunglass frame style of your choice - from aviator, to butterfly, to cat-eye, and more. To do so, add a standard or polarized tint to your lens at checkout. You will then be given the option to add on a mirror coating.


An optician is an eye health care professional who is qualified to fit, cut, and design prescription lenses. Our team of opticians have years of experience which they put to use for you when preparing your custom order. If you have a question for one of our opticians, feel free to contact us.


Polarizing your lenses will help protect your eyes from the damaging effects of glare caused by the sun’s reflection.
Polarized lenses are especially useful while driving; the sun can reflect off surfaces such as your car hood, window, or the open road. Polarized lens protects your eyes from these damaging rays. You may also want to consider polarized lens before participating in watersports or for use when lounging at a pool - glare is very common near open water, where sun reflects powerfully off multiple surfaces.
To add polarized coating to your lenses, simply choose the option at checkout.


These lenses are also sometimes called “No Line Bifocals.” Just like lined bifocals, they help correct both near and distance vision. But unlike bifocals, there is no line separating the top and bottom functions. Instead, the transition between the far-sighted top part of the lens and the bottom is gradual, with an extra middle ground that provides you mid-range vision correction.
You can choose to add progressive lens to most frames at checkout.

Pupil Distance

Also referred to as your “PD”, your pupillary distance is the measurement between the center of one pupil to the next. This measurement is used by our opticians to properly center your prescription for your lenses. (See How to read your Prescription) for more details, or check out what is your PD, Let us measure your PD.

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