Polarized Lenses

What Are They?

Since 1937, Ray-Ban has dominated the eyewear market. The brand has not stopped evolving and becoming much-coveted by adults and teens alike. The unmistakable look and feel of a pair of Ray-Bans still makes it one of the most sought-after sunglasses today. Polarized lenses should - above all else - fight glare. The great news is that Ray-Ban has not only addressed this need for outdoor adventures, but has made the polarized lenses iconic while doing so. An attractive palette, classic shape and silhouette, continuous innovation, and unparalleled technology are behind the timelessness of Ray-Ban polarized lenses. Isn’t about time you got yourself a pair?

bright things

Are bad

They say all that glitters is not gold. Ray-Ban knows this and has reinvented the kind of protective eyewear that anyone of any age can be proud to own and use. Glare is the surface reflection bouncing off bright shiny surfaces. If you like fishing, glare is blinding light bouncing off the water. When you drive, bike, run, walk, or golf, glare is unbearable to the eyes when it reflects off other shiny surfaces like flat concrete, chrome objects, and many other outdoor things. Glare can distract and hurt your eyes, and consequently, affect your athletic performance outdoors. Good thing Ray-Ban has got your back as far as glare protection is concerned. (And then some.)

What Ray-Ban Polarized Lenses Do For Your Eyes

(And Performance)


Ray-Ban polarized lenses go beyond just eliminating glare. They also enhance contrast and increase clarity of vision - all while reducing the eye strain that comes with surface reflection. So what can a pair of Ray-Ban glasses do for your eyes? You choose.


The G-15 and B-15, Protecting Your Eyes Naturally


Imagine a pair of lenses that absorbs 85% of the light while you do your stuff outdoors - and will make you look good while you’re at it. The Ray-Ban G-15 is a classic aviator model with an unmistakable shape and look that does an outstanding job of blocking out harmful blue light. The green lenses improve clarity of vision, with a noticeably natural color contrast. If you want to go the vintage route with the same benefits mentioned above, give the Ray-Ban B-15 a try. This classy brown pair of lenses provides greater contrast even in low light conditions so you can see with better clarity.


Plastic or Crystal?
Take Your Pick With Gradient Lenses


Ray-Ban believes life should be lived in color, even while your eyes are being protected from harmful glare. Gradient lenses offer a choice between crystal and plastic to suit your taste and lifestyle. An innovative vacuum process gives the crystal lenses a layered tinting process that makes color transitions smoother. For the plastic lenses, a specific chemical immersion procedure provides the wearer’s vision a seamless transition from day to night.


Stunning Color Enhancement with The Chromance


Prescription Lenses: Seamless Adaptation


Special Lenses To
Help You Stand Out

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